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UHMS, founded in 2001 by Awni Kopti and Imad Sadek, constitutes a sister Company of UHS (Universal Hospital Services, Hospital Planners & Medical Equipment Consultants - www.uhs-jo.com )

UHMS emerged due to the substantial need and demand, in the field of Medical Care, for professional, qualified, and experienced resources that are instrumental in organizing and laying down proper and standard “Rules of Operations” in order to help the Health Care Institutions succeed in providing excellent quality care to the community, ensuring at the same time their financial viability.

UHMS main Scope of Services involves carrying out Feasibility Studies, Design Involvement, Assessing, Pre-Commissioning, Organizing and Managing Health Care Institutions. Through its qualified and experienced Medical, Administrative, and Financial Consultants, UHMS main scope emphasizes on laying down the stable grounds for all the Management Principles and Systems, and supervising their proper implementation, in order to maintain proper equilibrium and forward motion to the Health Care Institution through the application of mature judgment, experience, and standard Universal Medical & Administrative Management Principles. UHMS main expertise also involves helping healthcare institutions to ensure their financial viability during crisis.
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Expert Staff

Imad M. Sadek

Co-Founder and General Manager

Re-joined UHMS on August 1, 2020. Experienced and seasoned Healthcare Leader with more than 28 years of experience in Lebanon and the Gulf Region. Skilled in operational efficiency, leading and directing teams, cost containment, revenue generation, financial control, planning, analysis, quality improvement, feasibility studies, pre-commissioning management services, operating, assessing and managing healthcare institutions. Gained vast experience as Assistant For Administration at AUBMC (1992-1999), Hospital Administrator in Saudi Arabia (1999-2001), Co-founder and Managing Director of UHMS (2001-2011), Deputy Medical Center Director for Operations at AUBMC (2011-2020).

Roudaina R. Haddad

Senior Consultant, Human Resources

Experienced Human Resources Director with a demonstrated history of success in healthcare. Skilled in performance improvement, Competency Based Human Resources Management, Compensation Packages and Salary Plans, Retention Plans and Career Ladders, HR Policies and Procedures, Learning and Development, Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, Organization Design, Performance Management, Rewards Programs, Employee Engagement, HR Metrics and dashboards and HR IT Systems. Joined UHMS on August 1, 2020 after 18 years of experience in Human Resources Management.

Joseph Douaihy

Senior Consultant, Insurance

More than 25 years in the health insurance field. Experienced in possessing a wealth of insurance management skills, coupled with a long comprehensive insurance technical experience in making hospital deals, generating and finalizing agreements, finalizing discounts, negotiating covered versus non-covered procedures and items, reviewing and resolving disputes and claims, following up on payments, proposing strategies to minimize costs on consumers and providers, and introducing specific coverage schemes for hospital staff and for patients.

Senior Nursing Consultants

Senior Nursing Consultants

Experienced Senior Nursing Consultants with a demonstrated history of healthcare experience. Our consultants assist institutions in evaluating the nursing practice across the organization, reviewing, developing, interpreting, and putting into effect administrative and nursing policies of the Hospital, planning and directing orientation and in-service training programs for professional and non-professional nursing staff, planning utilization of staff time and activities in relation to census and patient acuity, laying down all the nursing requirements for Magnet Accreditation, national and other international accreditations, and ensuring proper implementation. Developing a quality management plan for Nursing, including structures, processes, and systems to promote quality outcomes by evidence based findings, minimizing risks and reducing costs.

Medical Healthcare IT

Medical Healthcare IT Specialists

The Medical Healthcare Information Technology strives to ensure service excellence by providing innovative healthcare software solutions through technical support, consultation, and operational services to enable practitioners to enhance their deliverables, improve security and preserve crucial data, and to increase revenues. It is focused on any computer or software related to a medical equipment. In order to achieve the above mentioned goals, the team members work, alongside the medical engineers, their main duties can be summarized as follows : Medical Equipment software support and maintenance, medical equipment data integration with 3rd party systems/middleware, web and mobile software development, audio / video programming & streaming, cyber security policies and procedures.


•  To facilitate and to promote the successful & professional operation of the healthcare institutions / services, through setting the guidelines for smooth, organized & proper operation.
• To ensure that all Operational Requirements are accounted for in the design.
• To facilitate and support providing the best quality services to the community and patients.
• To ensure that the required Human Resources systems, standards, and requirements are optimal.
• To ensure the financial viability of the institutions.
• To assist Institutions to improve their performance.
• To assist Institutions to face competition.
• To assist Institutions to prosper in the Market.


  • To help institutions ensure financial viability during crisis 
  • To carry out Feasibility Studies for new health care projects
  • To Assist in Design in order to ensure that all operational requirements are accounted for
  • To Pre-Commission a new health care institution in the Planning or Construction Phases
  • To Assess an already established and running health care institution 
  • To Organize & Manage an already established and operating health care institution
  • To Pre-commission and Manage an already established New health care institution
  • To conduct Management Audits and ensuring the implementation of the recommendations and proper execution.


Ensuring the Financial Viability of Your Healthcare Institution During Crisis

UHMS serves the requirements of any new or running healthcare institution to reach, through minimum cost and time and optimum efficiency, their vision and goals, and to ensure financial viability during crisis situation.

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Feasibility Studies

The feasibility study helps the Client to decide on the services to be introduced, the required number of beds, advise about the expected occupancy rate, etc.. It also provides an operational and financial business plan for the first 10 years of operation, and evaluates the financial and economical feasibility of the project. (Click here for more details)

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Pre-commissioning Management Services

Those services entail the provision of Administrative & Management Consultancy Services in order to produce a successful hospital operation. The major role of UHMS will be to serve as the stable and continuing source of a practical, knowledgeable, and disciplined approach to Hospital Management implemented through a cohesive team of mature and qualified management personnel. This approach will provide stronger, more organized & a smooth operation than the hospital can obtain for itself. This is due to the ability to maintain very senior and experienced Administrative Personnel on the Company Staff, who can provide a higher level of management leadership guidelines, and consultancy services to your management Team. Such leadership adds the essential ingredient for overcoming the special difficulties that will be faced by any Hospital. The quality of service provided by UHMS is further strengthened by the quittance, support and control of the technical resources and know-how in the field of hospital management, accumulated over a long period of time, and backed-up by highly experienced and specialized staff. (Click here for more details)

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Operational Design Services

the services entail : - Formulate and complete the Design & Operational Management Questionnaire - Formulate the Design Operating Assumptions, Parameters, Guidelines, and Operational Model - Revise the proposed Space Program to ensure that all operational requirements are maintained, and initiate a final version - Review the Zoning Plans / Block Diagrams to ensure that INTER-DEPARTMENTAL relationships & requirements are properly maintained - Review the Single Line Drawings to ensure that INTRA-DEPARTMENTAL relationships & requirements are preserved

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Assessment of Health Care Institutions

This task involves a Survey & Analysis of the existing conditions pertaining to the physical status of the Hospital, the medical planning component, the inter and intra-departmental relationships, the electro-mechanical systems, the medical equipment & furniture status, in addition to the assessment of the operational and financial processes. (Click here for more details)

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Management Services / Operational Audit Services

UHMS Management Consultants’ Team composed of the following will carry out periodic “Operational Audits” visits (Managerial, Financial, HR, Clinical & Technical) to the Hospital : - Senior Hospital Administrator - Senior Nursing Consultant - Senior Finance Consultant - Senior Medical Consultant - Senior Maintenance Manager - Senior Biomedical Consultant - Senior Human Resources Consultant - Senior MIS Consultant (Click here for more details)

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Human Resources Management and Evaluation

Assessing and evaluating existing Human resources practices or building a new framework for start ups that includes, Talent Management, Recruitment, Performance Management, Learning and Development, Manpower Planning, Employee Relations, Personnel Transactions and Human Resource Management Systems. (Click here for more details)

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Training Services

Conducting a training needs assessment and addressing any gaps and coming up with a training calendar that is inline with the organization needs and values. This includes designing a training and development plan and calendar that addresses competency based training courses, that can be job family specific and that can be in line with existing career ladders and employee development needs that are based on their performance appraisals and learning paths. Our Training Programs, in coordination with Universal Hospital Services (UHS), cover the full scope of work required for Healthcare Institutions, including but not limited to Medical Architectural Planning, Hospital Engineering System Planning, Medical Equipment and Furniture Planning, Healthcare Interior Design, Medical IT, in addition to preparing for accreditation and accreditation standards, hands-on training and workshops for healthcare employees, etc. (click here for more details)

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Feasibility Studies

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Market Study

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Pre-Commissioning Management Services

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Assessment of Healthcare Institutions

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