Feasibility Studies

In order to meet the compelling demand for developing long-term strategies that incorporate the immediate needs of healthcare facilities, UHMS offers a broad range of services, foremost among which is project feasibility studies.

Feasibility Studies carried out by UHMS comprise 3 major parts :

  • Detailed Market Study
  • Detailed Operational Analysis
  • Detailed Financial Analysis

The Market Study is geared toward determining projected market segments and service zones. In addition to the macroeconomic assessment, UHMS carries out a comprehensive desk research and market survey in an attempt to analyze the extent of demand in the future, establish the required services to be introduced, and determine the number of beds or departmental capacities and potential utilization rates upon which an optimum program for the project may be recommended.

Based on the results of the Market Study, detailed Operational and Financial Analyses will be carried out.

The Operational Analysis entails the following:

  • Detailed operating revenues and expenses
  • Medical and non-medical Staff Salary Scale
  • Organizational Charts
  • Pre-operating Staff
  • Detailed Space Program for the project
  • Detailed Equipment/Furniture lists, etc.

The Financial Analysis entails the following:

  • Total Capital Investment of the Project
  • Distribution of capital cost over the years
  • 10 years projections for revenues and expenses
  • Depreciation schedules of fixed assets
  • Income and cash flow statements
  • Profitability analysis
  • Rate of Return on Stockholders' investment
  • Scenarios, recommendations, etc.