Pre-commissioning Management Services

Pre-commissioning Management Services

Task I : Market Assessment & Survey

Task II: Review & Editing of Manuals

Task III: Human Resources

  • Determining Job Requirements
  • Determining Staffing Requirements & scheduling
  • Personnel Recruitment
  • Salary Scale
  • General Personnel Policies
  • Training & Continuing Education 


Task IV: Medical Staff

  • Editing & Review of Medical Staff By-laws
  • Physician Organization Management & Credentialing
  • Recruitment
  • Determining the hospital specialties & sub-specialties
  • Initiating contact with Medical Staff
  • Interviews & Evaluation of CVs

Task V: Marketing Plan

Task VI: Advertisement Plan

Task VII: Hospital Management Information Systems

Task VIII: Financial Planning & Budgeting

  • Developing Budget
  • Developing Hospital Fee Schedule
  • Developing Chart of Account
  • Developing standard Third party contract

Task IX: Preparation of Phasing Plan