UHMS, founded in 2001 by Awni Kopti and Imad Sadek, constitutes a sister Company of UHS (Universal Hospital Services, Hospital Planners & Medical Equipment Consultants - www.uhs-jo.com )

UHMS emerged due to the substantial need and demand, in the field of Medical Care, for professional, qualified, and experienced resources that are instrumental in organizing and laying down proper and standard “Rules of Operations” in order to help the Health Care Institutions succeed in providing excellent quality care to the community, ensuring at the same time their financial viability.

UHMS main Scope of Services involves carrying out Feasibility Studies, Design Involvement, Assessing, Pre-Commissioning, Organizing and Managing Health Care Institutions. Through its qualified and experienced Medical, Administrative, and Financial Consultants, UHMS main scope emphasizes on laying down the stable grounds for all the Management Principles and Systems, and supervising their proper implementation, in order to maintain proper equilibrium and forward motion to the Health Care Institution through the application of mature judgment, experience, and standard Universal Medical & Administrative Management Principles. UHMS main expertise also involves helping healthcare institutions to ensure their financial viability during crisis.
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