Assessment of Health Care Institutions

This scope of service involves the following Tasks:

  1. Review the Hospital Mission, Vision, and Philosophy
  2. Review   all operating decisions made, if any
  3. Review all the Financial and Administrative documents of the Hospital to locate weaknesses and recommend solutions.
  4. Review all Hospital agreements with Third Party Payers and set recommendations according to results
  5. Review the Purchasing Process and other Materials Management activities.
  6. Evaluate the Management Information system in coordination with UHS, in addition to the activities of all other Departments. 
  7. Evaluate the Physical Status and Set Up of the Hospital and the Medical Equipment Status, in coordination with UHS, in order to assess the weaknesses that affect the Hospital Operation.
  8. Evaluate the performance of the existing staff according to the Job Descriptions set in order to phase out non-qualified Staff.
  9. Identify non-qualified Staff and recommend a termination plan
  10. Identify the vacant position required
  11. Interview and approve hiring new qualified staff needed
  12. Acquire highly qualified Medical References to evaluate the existing Medical Staff, and to assist in hiring new qualified Medical Staff.