Operational Design Services

Operational Design Services
  • Formulate and complete the Design & Operational Management Questionnaire : 

The questionnaire aims to solicit information from the client and his representatives in a disciplined check-list-based approach pertaining to the project’s and user’s requirements.

The collected information will help the designer propose responsive design solutions to suit the operational expectations of the client and the end-users of the facility.                                                           

In case no end-users are allocated yet for the project to answer specific questions, the Management Consultant will take this responsibility relying on his experience in the healthcare field.

  • Formulate the Design Operating Assumptions, Parameters, Guidelines, and Operational Model 
  • Revise the proposed  Space Program to ensure that all operational requirements are maintained, and initiate a final version
  • Review the Zoning Plans / Block Diagrams to ensure that INTER-DEPARTMENTAL relationships & requirements are properly maintained 
  • Review the Single Line Drawings to ensure that INTRA-DEPARTMENTAL relationships & requirements are preserved