Human Resources Management and Evaluation

Talent Management:

  • Building a Competency Based Human Resources Framework, including but not limited to, competency dictionary, competency based job descriptions, competency based recruitment and learning and development.
  • Creating job families and sub families.

Employee Branding:

  • Enhancing the employee brand of the company by compiling quarterly newsletters, advising on how to manage your social platforms, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and advising on yearly calendar of events.
  • Assisting in conducting employee satisfaction surveys, employee engagement surveys, climate surveys and acting on their results.
  • Celebrating Employees and Creating Rewards Programs that are focused on the company goals and values.

HR Reporting and Metrics:

  • Advising on the types of reports that should be generated monthly, quarterly and yearly for appropriate decision making.
  • Assisting in reading the reports and how to analyze them for early detection of problem areas.
  • Advising on the type of HR Metrics to use like recruitment related HR Metrics or Performance related or revenue related and the frequency of checking them whether daily or monthly or yearly.

Manpower Planning:

  • Conducting Staffing plans and devising recruitment plans.
  • Determining the required medical specialties and sub-specialties.
  • Assessing existing Staff and their utilization and the current skill mix.
  • Review Overtime/straight time, and initiate budget and indicators for control purposes.
  •   Revising the attendance system and advising on new systems and important requirements.
  • Identifying and initiating the terms of the required Committees.


  • Initiation of recruitment programs, screening of CVs, short-listing of candidates, Interviewing, and Recruitment.
  • Conducting open houses, assessment centers and field days for hard to find positions and mission critical positions.
  • Devising retention plans and exit interviews.
  • Putting in place internship programs.

Training and Development:

  • Putting in place orientation  and on boarding programs for staff induction.
  • Instilling training programs that are organization wide and job specific.
  • Devising succession planning in line with the organization strategy.

Performance Management:

  • Compiling job descriptions and ensuring that they are updated.
  • Devising a Performance Management system in line with the job description that is goal oriented.
  • Building your dynamic organization charts and advising on the supervisory hierarchy.
  • Introducing job evaluation systems and aligning the grades of the jobs.


  • Creating and revisiting salary scales, career ladders, salary plans and incentive plans.
  • Reviewing the internal equity and market competitiveness of your current pay scale and advising accordingly on promotion calculations.

Human Resources Management System:

  • Assisting in building an in-house Human Resources Management System or converting into a market acquired system.

Policies and Procedures

  • Revising and putting into place HR Policies and procedures.
  • Assisting in keeping compliance with the accrediting body standards.
  • Reviewing the personnel files organization, retention policy, scanning and file tracking.