Expert Staff

Imad M. Sadek

Co-Founder and General Manager

Re-joined UHMS on August 1, 2020. Experienced and seasoned Healthcare Leader with more than 28 years of experience in Lebanon and the Gulf Region. Skilled in operational efficiency, leading and directing teams, cost containment, revenue generation, financial control, planning, analysis, quality improvement, feasibility studies, pre-commissioning management services, operating, assessing and managing healthcare institutions. Gained vast experience as Assistant For Administration at AUBMC (1992-1999), Hospital Administrator in Saudi Arabia (1999-2001), Co-founder and Managing Director of UHMS (2001-2011), Deputy Medical Center Director for Operations at AUBMC (2011-2020).

Roudaina R. Haddad

Senior Consultant, Human Resources

Experienced Human Resources Director with a demonstrated history of success in healthcare. Skilled in performance improvement, Competency Based Human Resources Management, Compensation Packages and Salary Plans, Retention Plans and Career Ladders, HR Policies and Procedures, Learning and Development, Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, Organization Design, Performance Management, Rewards Programs, Employee Engagement, HR Metrics and dashboards and HR IT Systems. Joined UHMS on August 1, 2020 after 18 years of experience in Human Resources Management.

Joseph Douaihy

Senior Consultant, Insurance

More than 25 years in the health insurance field. Experienced in possessing a wealth of insurance management skills, coupled with a long comprehensive insurance technical experience in making hospital deals, generating and finalizing agreements, finalizing discounts, negotiating covered versus non-covered procedures and items, reviewing and resolving disputes and claims, following up on payments, proposing strategies to minimize costs on consumers and providers, and introducing specific coverage schemes for hospital staff and for patients.

Financial Consultants

Senior Healthcare Financial Consultants

Experienced Senior Financial Consultants with a demonstrated history of healthcare experience. Our consultants assist institutions in order to be able to, conduct financial re-engineering, develop financial plans and short term and long term goals, carry out financial analysis, monitor and audit accounting and financial data and entries, revise the policies and procedures for finance / purchasing / collection / billing / budgeting, review and audit procurement process and recommend proper procedures, review pricing strategies, carry out cost accounting services, execute business plans for new and capital investments, keep up-to-date information on the latest market trends and information, resolve financial issues with insurance companies and other third party payers, educate patients about payment options and financial assistance, negotiate and strategize patient payment arrangements, update patient accounts and balances, etc.

Senior Nursing Consultants

Senior Nursing Consultants

Experienced Senior Nursing Consultants with a demonstrated history of healthcare experience. Our consultants assist institutions in evaluating the nursing practice across the organization, reviewing, developing, interpreting, and putting into effect administrative and nursing policies of the Hospital, planning and directing orientation and in-service training programs for professional and non-professional nursing staff, planning utilization of staff time and activities in relation to census and patient acuity, laying down all the nursing requirements for Magnet Accreditation, national and other international accreditation, and ensuring proper implementation. Developing a quality management plan for Nursing, including structures, processes, and systems to promote quality outcomes by evidence based findings, minimizing risks and reducing costs.

Medical Healthcare IT

Medical Healthcare IT Specialists

The Medical Healthcare Information Technology strives to ensure service excellence by providing innovative healthcare software solutions through technical support, consultation, and operational services to enable practitioners to enhance their deliverables, improve security and preserve crucial data, and to increase revenues. It is focused on any computer or software related to a medical equipment. In order to achieve the above mentioned goals, the team members work, alongside the medical engineers, their main duties can be summarized as follows : Medical Equipment software support and maintenance, medical equipment data integration with 3rd party systems/middleware, web and mobile software development, audio / video programming & streaming, cyber security policies and procedures.